Christian Education

We have a number of continuing and ad hoc Christian Education programs. The regular opportunities include:

Christian Education for                                            Children and Youth (grades Pre-K  - 4th)

Classes are held every Sunday, 

        September – May 9:15 a.m.

We have excellent teachers who are knowledgeable, committed and nurturing.

Christian Education for Adults  -- Bible Studies

  • Studying the lectionary texts for the coming Sunday meets every Friday at noon at the church.                                                Led by Pastor Kirsten Klepfer    

We have many other opportunities for Christian education and formation ...

including periodic Bible studies

     issues forums

          sermon discussions

               book studies 

                    and anything you might want to lead or organize! 

  • We are always learning and growing in our faith, and there is no substitute for doing that within the context of community. 
  • We value the diversity of experience, perspective and thought found when people of all walks of life come together to explore the biggest questions that face us as human beings. 


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