Alleluia! He Is Risen!  
 First Presbyterian sanctuary, 2017, Easter morning!

Harvest Dinner, Nov. 2015

Pastor Kirsten and Lydia with their family the Sunday we honored Pastor for ten wonderful years at First Pres.! August, 2015

First Presbyterians Have Talent!! as seen in these seven representative photos. March, 2015 


  Lyn and Al share Christmas duets, 2014.  

 2014 Presbyterian Women's Cookie Exchange with Suzanne Nekola, Janet Ferguson, and Lola Sterk. 

2014 Harvest Sunday altar 

2014 Harvest Dinner -- college students enjoying the fellowship.  

Art creates placemat for the Potato Bar with Susan, 2014

Kids Against Hunger, 2013 

Vacation Bible School adult workers: Karla Kriegel, Chrissy Hazlett, Marta Miller;  participants Lydia and Damien
May 15, 2016, Pastor Kirsten and Tom Moore honor Grinnell College graduating seniors who have been attending First Pres.

 He Is Risen! Early Easter worship service followed by breakfast made possible by the All-Church events group. 2016

Lyn Howerzyl became the church's music director ten years ago during Advent.  THANK YOU, Lyn, for the gifts you bring to us!

Montie Redenius is retiring after fifteen years as the office manager. He shares his final remarks during the children's time. September, 2015

  2015 New member, Amber,                   and mentor Donna   

   2015 New member, Stiven, and            mentor Dennis 

     2015 Confirmation explorer,             Gillian, and mentor Carolyn  

     2015 New member, Damian, and           mentor Chrissy 

2014 Karen and Miriam visit during the Church New Year's Eve festivities. 

                                 HAPPY CHURCH NEW YEAR, 2014!!   

 Janice Logan and Cheryl Neubert following worship. (2014)

Church Choir, 2014 

  Easter Sunday, 2014 

Art Heimann as Sunday morning greeter, 2014 

Adult Bell Choir, 2014 


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