Presbyterian Women   -- This group may not meet monthly, but they certainly stay active!

"M & M" Sunday -- muffins are provided by various ladies for Sunday coffee time with donation baskets available. Medical kits are purchased and sent overseas. $525 was given in this current year, 2018 -- an increase of $71.00 over last year.

First Presbyterians help the Heart and Hands Health Clinic. Baby items provided for the clinic in Des Moines, Iowa are diapers, lotions and ointments, blankets, and baby Tylenol. 

Thank Offering is collected and sent to the Des Moines Presbytery. Money is dispersed to support hospitals and health programs and other mission projects. $430.00 was realized in 2015.    

Valentine's Day, 2018 -- SHARING THE LOVE! Devotions on love, good conversation, and a great chocolate dessert were shared by those in attendance.


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